Who does not love some delicious Nut Butter?


I decided to dedicate a post to one of my favorite things to eat. You guessed it…NUT BUTTER! Fuck it lets throw in seed butter too. I don’t hate. There are many different types:

Sunflower Seed

Besides being absolutely fucking delicious, there are several reasons why I love nut/seed butters:

Healthy Fats(unsaturated)
Phytochemicals (think cancer prevention)
Can be paired easily with other foods for awesome combinations of amazingness
Simple and easy to keep on you

I am not one to go around preaching about Natural/Organic over regular but I try to only eat natural nut/seed butters. Yes, that means that there is oil separation. To me that is a great thing because the oil at the top is the unsaturated fat that is liquid at room temp. To most it is nasty and tend to buy other natural brands with no oil separation. These brands will use emulsifiers to keep the fats together. Some manufacturers will use ingredients such as palm oil to help keep the oils together. This is great and all but I am not a fan of vegetable oils in my food, especially when I see no reason for them to be in there. Seriously vegetable oil sounds nasty to me. What vegetable has oil come out of it? Well rapeseed, soybean, corn, sunflower, etc. This may sound great but the oil in these cannot be pressed out and separated naturally, they have to use chemicals. Keep in mind the sources of these oils are usually GMO foods(for all my down with Monsanto crusaders).

Hydrogenated oils are another way to prevent oil separation. Hydrogenated oils are trans fat. Do I need to go into that? So you can imagine my disgust when I see some precious nut butter with Hydrogenated Vegetable Oil on the ingredient label. Like I said I am not an organic/natural nut(see what I did there?) but I do like my food minimally processed for the simple fact that I think it does taste better.

For me the only thing I like in my nut or seed butter is well just the nuts or seeds. I love going to Whole Foods and pressing that shit myself. Seriously go try it. It is awesome.

IF the oil separation does really bother you, try this simple trick. Flip the jar upside down. Oil will go to the top(bottom of the jar) and when you open it you will have an easier time stirring and enjoying. If you do flip it, twist the cap a few extra times around or you will have a mess when you open it. You can even go a step further and put it in the fridge. Remember unsaturated fats are liquid at ROOM temperature so in the fridge they are solid.

There are lots of ways you can enjoy the amazing nut or seed butters but the following are some of my favorite:

Spinach or Kale Shake
1 Cup Milk
Spinach or Kale to preference
1-2 TBSP of Nut or seed Butter
Protein Powder

MIX that shit up. BOOM great breakfast. I do it every morning.

Sweet Potato and Nut/Seed Butter Mash
1 Sweet Potato
1-2 TBSP of Nut or Seed Butter
Whey Protein(for the extra protein intake, optional)
1/4 cup or less water or milk
Cinnamon to taste

MIX that shit up! Looks so nasty. But tastes so damn good

Nut/Seed butter with

Rice Cake
Ezekiel Bread(try cinnamon raisin)

Or a good Old fashioned….PB and J.

Do you have any questions/comments/concerns? Email me.


Until next time,

Christian M