My name is Christian. I am a NASM Certified Personal Trainer based out of Princeton New Jersey.

Currently working at a gym and on several side projects(this being one of them).

Ok a little back story:

I was an overweight child(around 200 at the age of 12…ok I was a fat ass) and have always struggled with my weight. It sucks, and I understand the ups and downs(mostly downs, at least for me) that come with keeping your weight in check. Originally, I  thought all of my issues stemmed from the fact that I was overweight, however, overtime I realized that they were not so superficial. My whole mind frame was wrong and that needed to change or I risked never reaching my full potential. It is still a struggle, negativity seems to flood into my brain on a daily basis. I now choose to find and focus the positive and get better everyday at shutting the negative voice off. It is probably no surprise as to why I landed in a field where it is possible to directly impact people’s lives on a daily basis.

I am writing here to share the health and fitness knowledge(or lack there of?) I have gathered.  You choose to be healthy or you choose not to be. Either has its consequences. Healthy living does not have to be as complicated as a lot of people think and often can lead to a longer more enjoyable life.

If you want to contact me feel free to send me an email. Any corrections to information are greatly appreciated. I do not claim to know everything and the stuff I write will be based from my knowledge/understanding and experiences. That said, your experiences may be different and if you wish to share please do.

I hope you find this blog helpful. Also I like to curse. Deal with it.


Christian M